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Sean Jazayeri has made an unusual journey:  from WPT Boot Camp alumni to WPT Boot Camp instructor.  Once a casual player, Sean discovered that he enjoyed poker even more when he was truly able to master the nuances of the game.  He went on to take every tournament-related camp that...more

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"Virginia” Bob Hoy has been playing poker since he was 10 years old.  But he says that it wasn’t until he took a course with WPT Boot Camp that he began “really playing the game the way the game should be played.”  Now he’s doing so well playing tournaments...more

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Feb 20 2 Day

Vegas Cash Camp - 2 Day
Las Vegas, NV

Mar 12 2 Day

Maryland Tournament Camp - 2 Day
Baltimore, Maryland

Apr 23 2 Day

Florida Cash Camp - 2 Day
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


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