Cash Camp

7/21/2012 Cash Camp

Event Details

Date 07/21-07/22

LocationGolden Nugget, Atlantic City

Instructors Nick Brancato
Rick Fuller


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The WPT Boot Camp promise to you: All your poker questions answered...guaranteed.

WPT Boot Camp is risk-free with our 100% Money Back Guarantee and convenient with our Payment Plan!

Jump Start Your Cash Game

The Cash Camp is total-immersion poker training including two packed days of instruction.  You’ll spend each day with an elite team of professional players who are also experienced, enthusiastic poker instructors. Your coaches will be there to answer your questions every step of the way, including during class time, breaks, and meals. 

Unlock Your Poker Potential

The world’s most experienced poker educators will show you how to think like a pro, revealing a whole new way to understand the game. You’ll learn from a unique curriculum with proven results that uses a coherent system allowing you to apply the principles of profitable play to your own individual style.

Total-immersion training means you’ll discover mistakes you didn’t even know you were making. You’ll be amazed at how much further you can take your game after spending two full days studying, talking, and practicing poker under the guidance of professional players.

WPT Boot Camps are interactive experiences including lively presentations from a panel of Pros on essential poker topics, illustrated by hand animations and key examples from TV. When one Pro is speaking, the others will jump in to share details about their own play. You’ll get a chance to see how different players approach the same situations, helping you to tailor our material to your own individual style. During each section you’ll have the chance to participate in question-and-answer sessions, which will deepen your understanding of what you’ve learned. 

Get Hands-On Instruction From Pros

To make sure you’re able to immediately apply what you learn in the presentations, you’ll play hands in our live labs where we’ll explore the ins and outs of every choice you make.  You’ll gain new insight into how great players think by hearing them analyze your decisions and those of the other students at your table. Through working in small groups led by Pros, you’ll see poker concepts clarified in real time.

The players at your camp represent the opponents you’ll be facing in the future. Our camps give you a unique opportunity to get inside their minds, learn how they think and the reasoning behind their decisions. The Pros provide immediate feedback on every action at the table, helping you to learn from the mistakes of others so that you can avoid making them yourself

Test Your Skills Against the Pros

At WPT Boot Camp, we’re continuously refining and updating our curriculum to ensure that whatever your level, your game will improve. In the Cash Camp, our Pros will teach you to:

  • Pick up on your opponents’ betting patterns live and online
  • Size your bets to put maximum pressure on your opponents
  • Vary your play based on position, from under the gun to the button
  • Recognize profitable situations and make the most of them
  • Master the concepts of pot odds, implied odds, and reverse implied odds
  • Identify your opponents’ mistakes and learn to exploit them
  • Avoid “fancy play syndrome” and recognize it in others
  • Master the art of bankroll management so that you never go broke
  • Move up to higher levels as soon as you’re ready for them

You can ask questions about the material throughout every presentation and lab. On breaks, at lunch, and at the end of the day, you’re encouraged to bring questions to any of our Pros. They teach because they love helping players like you improve your game. This is your chance to get inside their minds and learn the strategies that have made them some of the best players in the world.

If you’ve ever gambled at a casino, you know that sooner or later the house always wins.  That’s because they always have an edge on you. When you use winning cash game strategies against your opponents, you have the edge. . . and you become the house.  

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Set of Threes on the Flop, your move...

You raised preflop with pocket threes, the player in the small blind reraised and you called. The small blind bets into you on this flop. What do you do?

Set of Threes on the Flop, your move...


Nick Brancato
Nick Brancato
  • Played over 2 million hands of poker
  • World Series of Poker Circuit Champion
  • WPT Director of Training and Curriculum
Rick Fuller
Rick Fuller
  • High-stakes cash game player
  • Became one of the World Poker Tour's first instructors in 2005
  • Poker columnist, Bluff Magazine, All-In, Casino Player